Who we are

It takes two flints to make a fire

At the heart of our café is a dedicated team of passionate individuals who share a love for coffee and community. Our baristas are skilled artisans, trained to perfect every brew and deliver exceptional service with a smile. From our friendly front-of-house staff to our innovative kitchen team, each member plays a crucial role in creating the warm and inviting atmosphere that our guests love. We believe that a great café experience goes beyond just great coffee – it’s about the people who make it all possible. Come and meet our team, and let us make your day a little brighter.

Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Bailey Lawrence
Edward Stevens
Scarlett Foster
Jaylin Cherry
Christina Flowers
Jonathan Russell
Jenson Elliott
Lauren Morris

If you can laugh together, you can work together.

At our café, we believe that laughter is the foundation of a strong team. A sense of humor fosters camaraderie and trust, creating an environment where collaboration thrives. When we laugh together, we break down barriers, encourage open communication, and build lasting bonds. Our team is a testament to the power of shared joy and mutual respect, working seamlessly to deliver exceptional service and quality coffee. Join us and experience the vibrant, positive energy that defines our workplace. Here, we don’t just work together; we laugh together, grow together, and succeed together.